Our passion is Crypto currency and blockchain technology.
We are a group of motivated entrepreneurs and nerds who believe that cryptocurrency is a powerful and disruptive application of the the blockchain technology that will change the way (e-)commerce works today.
Our mission is to assist small and medium sized companies, entrepreneurs or individuals in taking the right decisions in this new and sometimes confusing technological area.

Are you getting lost in all this hyped terminology?

Is hosting your mining equipment at home a feasible plan? What about heat, noise and electricity cost? What is blockchain and how can we benefit from this. What is the difference between Bitcoin and the alternative coins. Where should I store my Bitcoins or Altcoins and how do I make sure they are secured. Should I buy coins or should I start mining myself. I want to accept Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies in my business …

There are so many questions to ask and there are so many answers possible. Depending on your personal and financial situation different options can be profitable whether you want to invest (anonymously) on a personal level or whether you would like to enable crypto currency payments for your business or in your web shop, there are always multiple solutions possible and we are challenged by finding the best suitable solution for you or your business.


  • Personal or business crypto currency strategy
    • Should I invest in crypto currency (or not)?
    • Guidance in the world of market places, trading platforms, exchanges
    • Where do I store my coins? Online, Desktop, Offline
    • Please note: Bit Mining Europe is not, and not affiliated with, a crypto currency trading company and therefore we will not advise you in which coins to invest or how much to invest
  • Mining environments
    • Assistance in setting up your mining equipment or mining farms
    • Equipment profitability reporting
    • Assistance in the equipment buying process



  • Equipment Profitability Reporting
  • Forecast on new developments and expected equipment
  • Trends and insight information on new developments when available
  • Ad hoc updates when relevant information comes available
  • Assisting in the buying and/or selling process
  • Maintaining the equipment whether this is in a personal environment or a hosted environment
  • Email and chat helpdesk

For whom are we offering these services?

  • Individuals who want to be part of the crypto currency revolution but don’t have the time and/or the knowledge
  • Small and medium sized companies who are interested in the possibilities of these new crypto currencies and would like to be part of it
  • Web shops who want to accept payment in crypto currencies

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Who is doing what in the mining equipment manufacturer world

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